New Artwork Added to My Gallery & Portfolio

WB IMG_7633

Canyon Sunset

Valle de Muerte – Atacama, Chile

Valle de Muerte Framed

My photographic foray to the Atacama desert of southern Peru and northern Chile was very successful. After a week of shooting, at altitudes approaching 14,000 feet in subfreezing temperatures, I walked away with hundreds of solid shots. Five images were truly spectacular and I’ve added them to my online gallery, and three made the final cut to my website’s portfolio (20 of my best shots). I recently completed work on Canyon Sunset and added it to both my gallery and portfolio. I took this photo as the sun was going down in Valle de Muerte (Death Valley) and the lighting was dramatic and awesome. This high-resolution image will print large to approximately 3 x 5 feet and will look stunning as an Acrylic or Metal Print. If you prefer a more traditional presentation format you can choose either a Canvas Print or Matted & Framed Print. Click on image to enlarge and view other presentation formats and sizes including Greeting Cards.

WB IMG_6481

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

Valparaiso, Chile


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