My Turn on the Fornicator This Morning

WB IMG_7836

My turn to ride on the funicular (what I call the fornicator) this morning, the little rail cars that go straight up the steep hillsides of Valparaiso (100 pesos, or 15-cents, each way). The rides are very short (maybe a minute to a minute and a half) but they certainly beat trekking up & down the very steep stairs. Like I mentioned in an earlier post Valparaiso is very San Francisco-like. And colorful. I took the above photo while on walkabout this morning.

Ascensor Artilleria.

On my last post I also mentioned Beto the famous hostel dog. Well he isn’t really the hostel’s dog, he belongs to the whole neighborhood, but he does sleep in the hostel most nights. And he is famous. He’s pretty old and more than a little scruffy, but he’s very friendly and roams the streets of his realm like a king. Two doors down from our hostel they have immortalized him with paint & brush and it’s good likeness.

WB IMG_7830
I tried to take a photo of him (the real-life Beto) this morning, but he was on his rounds and couldn’t be bothered with a mere photographer. Yeah, Beto has attitude and a sense of entitlement. I’m not sure if he thinks he’s the King or the Mayor (possibly both). It’s brisk here in Valparaiso with temperatures averaging in the low 40s°F at night, and not getting much warmer than the high 50s°F during the day (it’s winter south of the Equator).

WB IMG_6481
I’m wearing my winter attire 24/7 even when I sleep in the hostel (no heat). Shirt, down vest, and parka. And I’m still cold. One blanket on the bed so the shirt, vest, parka, and SOCKS go under the covers with me (Brrr). All of my family & friends are probably sweltering back in the States now that it’s the middle of summer, but I’m getting closer and closer to Patagonia and Antarctica as I travel farther south. I know my friends in Merida, Yucatan are hot.

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