Elia Locardi Could Be My Clone

Elia Locardi could be my clone and our life stories are almost a direct parallel, except that he is much younger than me and wised up sooner. I hit the wall and bailed out of life about two years before he did but for virtually the same reasons. He coined the term location-independent to define his homeless state (and I use his euphemism a lot to describe my own). He is a full-time travel photographer where I tend to divide my photography among different genres; primarily but not limited to: travel, wildlife, nature, and street photography. Artistically he manipulates his images a little more than I do to create what he calls the wow factor (I have no problem with that but I know some photographers do).

I try to improve my post-editing techniques and knowledge to further enhance my images, but not to the degree that Elia does when trying to achieve his wow factor. We’ve both recovered financially after bankruptcy, foreclosure (and divorce for me) but he’s much busier than I am shooting commercial gigs, conducting workshops, producing videos, and writing books. I’m happy living the life of an American expat travelling abroad, taking my pictures, and writing my articles. I don’t have to be rich or famous—money and fame don’t define success for me anymore (where they once did). Living simple, living cheap, and living free is my goal as I work to improve my art. Watch the video and I think you will like Elia and Naomi.

WB IMG_2747

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller


Valparaiso, Chile



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