Traditional Museum Presentation


Canyon Sunset – Museum Presentation

My purpose is to sell fine art prints. My other obligation is to educate and inform my buying public. I’m very excited that I can offer my prints in many different sizes, presentation formats, and prices. I can also ship anywhere in the world at reasonable prices. I’ve talked a lot lately about some relatively new technologies: Acrylic Prints and Metal Prints. These new technologies add a clean, sleek, contemporary look to any image. However, in my excitement, I don’t want to overlook the more traditional Museum Presentation (white matte and black frame). Walk into any fine art gallery or museum and this is likely what you will see on entering.

As Pictured Above

Image Size – 20 x 11.5 inch Panorama

Print – Metallic Paper

White Matte – 2.50 inch Border

Black Wood Frame – 0.88 inch Width

Overall Size – 26.50 x 17.75 inch Panorama

$235 usd + Shipping

The scene above is representative and not necessarily true to size (it’s as close as I could come). Before placing an order I would recommend checking what print sizes are available, and then cutting out a paper template and taping it to the wall space to be decorated (this will give you a better idea of the real proportions). On any given size you will find that Acrylic and Metal Prints tend to be a little less expensive than Matted & Framed Prints (fewer materials required). The Matted & Framed museum presentation is still a striking way to showcase fine art and I’m partial to it. Click on the image above to enlarge and see more formats and prices.

Buying Tip: Unfortunately this will sound like a sales ploy but it’s not. Most people buy too small (there I’ve said it). Large prints are dramatic and really pop in the right setting (yes they cost more). Buying fine art is a luxury purchase not a necessity purchase—as such it should be prominently and proudly displayed in your home or office. I would rather you wait until you can buy exactly what you’re looking for than settle for less. Small prints can work in small places, but large wall areas require large prints (many of my images can be printed as large as 3 x 5 feet). SFD 

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

Valparaiso, Chile


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