How to Collect Fine Art for Just $5.45

Blue Door

C’mon Steve no one can collect fine art for just $5.45. Oh contraire I disagree. So what’s the hook? The hook is the size of the image. I will use my image Blue Door as an example. As seen above this is a 48 x 34.25 inch (almost 4 x 3 feet) Acrylic Print hanging in a rather contemporary living room. In this size and presentation format it sells for $570.96 usd, and makes a dramatic and bold statement. Fine art prints are a luxury purchase and not everyone can afford to spend that kind of money on wall art.

So what about someone who really likes the photo but can’t justify the price? Are they just out of luck? No—actually there are a few options available: order a smaller size, choose a different presentation format, or consider the $5.45 option I’m about to propose. Purchase the photo as a 5 x 7 inch Greeting Card and frame it with a low-cost store frame (the ones pictured can be bought at Wal-Mart for $2.60 and come in a set/4). Prices of Greeting Cards are: Single $5.45 each; Pk/10 $3.70 each; Pk/25 $3.50 each.

Buying four different images would allow you to hang them as a collage covering more wall space, or hang a single image in a smaller area like a bathroom, kitchen, or hallway nook. Another display possibility would be a desktop, nightstand, bookshelf, or curio cabinet (the possibilities are endless). What I’m suggesting here is another way to collect original fine art prints at an affordable price. As circumstances change, interest and knowledge increase, you can work towards buying that more dramatic piece of art—however, you can enjoy a smaller version until that time arrives.


Blue Door

San Juan Chamula – Chiapas, Mexico (2013)

(Click on Image)

Note: Buying a single Greeting Card will automatically elevate your status to VIP Patron of the Arts at Indochine Photography and entitle you to steep discounts on future purchases.Ā See Details Here. SFD


5 responses to “How to Collect Fine Art for Just $5.45

  1. Oh hee hee hee, I credit myself as the muse of this post! I’m going to reblog this too as the followup because, while not exhorbidont; close to $600, not including shipping is steep. Anyway all of your art that I viewed so far would “fit” my home but ALL of your art that I’ve seen so far, would be GREAT as presented by my to anyone, I want to send a unique and beautiful card too. Not to mention there must be some corner of my home that can support a small montage. ~~dru~~

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