Abstracts Make Great Wall Art


Abstract fine art prints make great wall art in almost any home or office. During my photographic walkabouts I encounter many natural abstracts along the way—whether it’s the lush foliage of a fall day or the weathered patina of a Yucatan ruin in Mexico. Here are just a few examples of what I’m talking about. In modern contemporary settings (like the living room pictured above) I would suggest a large Acrylic or Metal Print or even a traditional Museum Matted & Framed Print (Canvas Prints often work well too). Canvas Prints (framed or un-framed) look terrific in more traditional settings and mimic the look of a fine oil painting. When working with abstract prints it’s all about shapes, patterns, colors, and size. These images make a bold statement and need to be printed large (as large as possible to standout on your wall space). Click on the large home decor images to enlarge for better viewing.













Note: All home decor images are representational only (using digital software) and may not be proportionally accurate. Before placing an order make sure to measure the wall space to be filled and choose the appropriate available size. I recommend cutting out a paper template of the same size ordered and taping it in the location where it’s to be hung to guarantee complete satisfaction (many people tend to order too small). 

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