Another Provocation

An old blog post, but for the most part my rant still holds true (for me). 🙂

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge



By way of explanation:  I offer up this new post as an addendum to my prior post ‘What’s on your Plate’.  I really don’t expect anyone to take up my lifestyle based on these blog posts. And the last thing I am trying to do is to persuade anyone that my lifestyle is in any way better or more productive than theirs.  I’m just describing what works for me, and maybe more importantly what doesn’t.  We (and I include myself) spend an awful lot of time judging others beliefs and actions, without necessarily spending a commensurate amount of time evaluating and judging our own beliefs and actions. I’ve mentioned many times that this blog is a cathartic exercise for me—it allows me to think and organize my thoughts more clearly.  

When I refer to ‘Tight-ass Americans’ I am not singling anyone out, but I am referring to a collective, typically American, psyche…

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