Man Up, Be an Alpha Male

This was one of my more popular posts in 2016, and I took some heat over it (as you will see in the comments). Realize this is just my “opinion” and not gospel, but hopefully it will provoke some critical thinking among my readers.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge


Somewhere along the line, starting in the 1970s, men lost their way. Men came to believe they were responsible for all the relationship woes in the world. It wasn’t true then and it’s not true now. Women were fighting hard for long overdue equality at home and in the marketplace, and somehow in that quest for freedom equality became synonymous with sameness. Men were the problem.

The solution wasn’t for men to become more feminine.

Its been almost 50-years since the gender wars began, and I sometimes wonder if we’ve made any progress at all. The solution wasn’t for men to become more feminine, the solution was for men to become more open-minded and accepting of a woman’s role in the world. There is a difference. I think many women today lament the passing of the alpha male prototype.

Alpha males aren’t brutes.

How do we define alpha males? Alphas aren’t Neanderthals…

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2 responses to “Man Up, Be an Alpha Male

  1. Well this time I won’t be reblogging your reblog Dennstedt but I agree that voicing an opinion, is just that, voicing an opinion and should make people think. I don’t find anything offensive in your post and agree with some of it but really people are people and I agree…men never really needed to “get in touch” with their feminine side, just open their minds before making a decision. JUST THE SAME as women should do. Stereotypes abound in any form of judgmental brains.

    I’m often an alpha male, given your descriptions, and I’m female and not “gender confused”. That is a term I do take exception to. We all are parts of everything. However, I appreciate your efforts and understand and agree with a lot of it. The younger generations don’t relate to how some things used to be. However, things are different and the same all through our lives.

    Love the lion and yes in a pride he’d be the alpha male, in fact he’d probably be the ONLY male…aside from young ‘uns… Still I enjoyed reading this post and it took me back to my “salad” days. ~~dru~~

    • Fair enough my friend. You were very polite and diplomatic in your response and made some good points. Blogs are certainly more about opinion than fact, but if a post can cause a person to stop and think a moment then I think it is to a large extent successful. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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