The Serendipity of What I Do

What I do is so freaking COOL.

I take my pictures, I write my articles, and I travel (I live simple, I live cheap, and I live free). That’s my life in a nutshell. And really neat things happen to me—all the time. I would call these neat things: the serendipity of what I do. And it just happened again. This incident involves my dream house, the house I photographed in Boquete, Panama last year. I wrote about the house on this blog and on Facebook, and have posted the photo quite a few times (I’ve even sold fine art prints of it from my gallery). For those who haven’t seen it I’m posting it below (click on the image to enlarge for better viewing).


I received an email today. The sender, who was born in Boquete, said he was Googling photos of Boquete when he saw this image in the mix. He immediately recognized it as belonging to his 84-year old grandfather who still lives in it. I was blown away that my photo showed up on a Google search, and that this man would see it, and then take the time to track me down (the photographer) and contact me. The power of the internet. The following is a verbatim transcript of the email I received from Wilford Lamastus:

Dear Stephen

Googling images of Boquete, my hometown, I found this beautiful image of this white house in which you describe about an old man sitting with a dog.


That old man actually exists, and the dog to. The old man is my grandfather, his name is Thatcher Lamastus, he was born in Boquete and lives in that house for about 78 years (he is 84). The house is very cousy inside, I will like to invite you if you are around. My father was born and grew up there.


I love the picture
My sister, the old man and the dog

Wilford Lamastus

So I ask you: do I have a GREAT life or what? The answer is a resounding YES. If I were closer to Boquete I would definitely take him up on his offer to visit. What are the odds that I would ever get the back story of my dream house? And that it would arrive completely out of the blue based on someone’s random search on Google. That my photo (out of literally thousands upon thousands of images) would even show up in the mix is a mystery to me (how, when, who—why). I have no answers for the mysterious, I can only say that this is a great example of: the serendipity of what I do.

WB Sepia IMG_2747

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

Santiago, Chile



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