Indochine Photography Now Banging on All Cylinders

Steve in Antigua

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

Founded in 2009 Indochine Photography is now banging on all cylinders. The numbers tell the tale. Some will find the business of photography uninteresting and boring, but I enjoy the business aspect of photography almost as much as I enjoy the aesthetic that is photography. I’m one of those rare 50/50 right brain/left brain kind of people—blessing or a curse? Here’s a recap of Indochine Photography’s growth over the last seven years—if you find business and/or numbers boring feel free to skip over this self-congratulatory post:

Indochine Photography – Almost 3,000 Facebook “Shares”

Indochine Photography Facebook Business Page – Over 6,800 “Likes”

Expat Journal Blog – Over 435 “Followers” in 125 Countries

Indochine Photography Newsletter – Almost 100 “Subscribers”

Published Articles at Northrup Photo – Over 500,000 “Subscribers”

Am I getting rich with my photography and writing? Absolutely not. Am I doing better now than when I started seven years ago? Yep—I sure am. Am I having fun? Definitely. Doing what I love and getting paid for it is the best of all possibilities. I take my pictures, I write my articles, and I travel the world. I live simple, cheap, and free. My time is my own, to do with as I please, how many people can claim that. Not many I suspect. If you’re not following my adventure yet please visit me by clicking on the links above. If you are then thank you very much indeed.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation

 Henry David Thoreau


5 responses to “Indochine Photography Now Banging on All Cylinders

  1. And some of us, like me, lead lives of LOUD DESPERATION! ~~dru~~

    Dennstedt I got a boxed set of your cards “Blue Door” from fineart america and they are wonderful! Thanx for being you and I’m very interested in your experiences with the business side of “things” as I’m an old fat bookkeeper. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you very much for your purchase and kind words. I like it when people show some interest in the business side of things, because that aspect of photography is often overlooked by “Creatives” and I think it’s important. There are thousands of excellent photographers who fail every year, because they don’t understand you can’t make it on creative talent alone. Today’s “Creative” has to be BOTH artistically talented and competent in business.

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