Tea Bag Coffee & Girlie Fleece

Every country, and even city-town-village, has its own flukes & quirks (or as the Germans would say: Flukenquirken). I just made that up by the way (yeah, I know, pretty funny huh?). Anyway, in Argentina it’s tea bag coffee—it’s exactly what you would think, instant coffee in a tea bag (just add hot water and voila). Frankly it SUCKS. No flavor and no BANG. Not a good morning wake-me-up at all. So far we’ve travelled to some of the best coffee countries in the world (Chiapas, MX and Guatemala to name but two). Vietnam has been my favorite followed by Chiapas and then Guatemala.


It’s late winter here and spring doesn’t arrive until September 21st. It’s cold. San Carlos de Bariloche is averaging 0-8°C (or 32-46°F) during the day. So when we were in Mendoza we decided to add another layer to our warm weather clothes (i.e. a fleece jacket). We stopped into a Mountain Shop and spent 1,500 pesos ($100 usd) apiece for the proper jacket. So why does the zipper align on the wrong side? Did we buy Girlie-jackets by mistake? I don’t think so, but one never knows. I mean it accommodates my 42B man-boobs just fine. I consider myself to be a fairly manly type guy (maybe just an illusion/delusion) and this has me spooked a bit.

So here I am in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina drinking wimpy-ass tea bag coffee and wearing questionable cold weather attire and feeling insecure about it all. But I got a good nights sleep last night after our 17-1/2 hour bus ride from Mendoza and I’m full of piss & vinegar and ready to go. I will layer my questionable fleece under my down vest and parka so none will be the wiser. I’ll get my daily buzz-fix with vino or cerveza during our afternoon main meal, albeit a little late (at this age a good morning buzz-fix is usually required) in the day. After posting this update to the blog we’ll head out on a walkabout to explore Bariloche and get our bearings.

WB IMG_8011

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller


San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina


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