Morning Walkabout San Carlos De Bariloche


Standing on the Shore of Lago Nahuel Huapi

I know I’ve said this ad nauseam but it’s freaking COLD here in San Carlos. Stepped outside our hostel this morning at about 10 a.m. and it was -5°C/26°F and I looked like Puff the Magic Dragon with my frosty breath. I will mention once again my Bariloche attire: T-Shirt, long-sleeved shirt, fleece jacket, down vest, parka, fleece beanie, and sometimes fleece gloves. You would think that would be enough wouldn’t you? Let me tell you IT’S NOT. I’m freezing my ass off. Our hostel has old-fashioned radiators in the rooms but that only keeps it from icing up—I know I’m a wuss.


Like Quijote Hostel

This is our colorful hostel Like Quijote in San Carlos and it’s running us about $15 usd pp per night before tax (which is 20%). That includes a free breakfast of: tea bag coffee, corn flakes, bread, butter & jam (helps keep the weight down). It also includes a private bath with hot water (for showers), tepid radiant heat, and in-room wi-fi (which is working good so far). The room is upstairs from the main lobby area, morning breakfast area, and kitchen. The guests are all young but well-behaved and the staff is nice. So far its been a very quiet hostel (which isn’t always the case).


Steve with his New Best Friend Forever

These BIG Saint Bernard Dogs hangout in the main plaza area overlooking the lake and will pose with tourists for a price (in this case 100 pesos for 3 shots). It was expensive but I just couldn’t resist—I’m a sucker for dogs. He reminded me so much of my two Saint Bernard’s Duffy and Hannibal. Hannibal even had a brandy keg like this big fella. You would think for a 100 pesos I would have been offered a slug of brandy—but Noooo that wasn’t the case. No brandy for Steve, not even hot chocolate (ooh, how ’bout hot chocolate with a slug of brandy? Now we’re talk’n).


 Lago Nahuel Huapi

After the photo shoot with my new best friend forever we headed down to the lake, Lago Nahuel Huapi. As you can see it’s beautiful, clear and crisp in the morning sunshine—it reminded both Joel and I of Anchorage, Alaska. And it’s cold like Alaska too. I know I’m beating a dead horse but you will just have to indulge me. We hung out by the lake for about an hour soaking up what sun we could, and actually began to thaw out a little when we were sheltered from the wind. There was a nice Black Lab on the shore and we watched him cavort around like he owned the place.


Small Business in Town

Everyday we pass this small business (I have no idea what it is) that never seems to be open. I love the colors and quirkiness of the place so I decided to photograph it this morning. No particular reason, I just liked it. The sign deco leads me to believe it’s something designer or decorator related. Who knows maybe it’s a brothel, now wouldn’t that be convenient? Just kidding folks. Anyway, if you walkabout and explore, and keep your eyes open, you’re apt to see almost anything. We’re still on for our all day excursion to El Bolson on Thursday.


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina



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