Red Farm-House

El Bolson – Rio Negro (Patagonia) Argentina

Travelling to Patagonia has been a lifelong bucket-list destination for me. Settled by early Swiss, German, Dutch and even Welsh immigrants to Argentina, Patagonia is a wild and rugged land full of natural beauty and wonder. Patagonia is a divided land, Chile to the west and Argentina to the east, and the great divide is the world’s second highest mountain range—the Andes Mountains.

Yesterday I travelled from San Carlos de Bariloche in northern Patagonia to El Bolson in the Rio Negro region of middle Patagonia. I left in a heavy morning rain, that quickly turned to blowing snow, for the 170 km ride down Route 40 to El Bolson. Descending into the small valley below the snow stopped blowing, but the temperature remained crisp and the sky overcast.

I arrived with the expectation that I would be photographing the beautiful mountain lakes and dramatic mountain peaks of the Andes, and I did that, but the image that spoke to me most forcefully was this one—a simple red farm-house nestled among dormant fruit trees, pine trees, and vacant unkept fields. Spring will arrive in Patagonia in a couple of weeks and all this will change as life renews itself.

But for now this simple farmhouse remains in its peaceful slumber as the harsh winter months slowly recede. This photo is not available for sale yet, I’m testing it on social media, because I sometimes find that my favorite images don’t always appeal to a wider audience—in the meantime I will wait and see how this particular image is received. We’ll see if this photo of a simple red farm-house, nestled in the middle of Patagonia, resonates with my viewers.


1/160s @ f/5.6 ISO 200 @ 200mm


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, Traveller

Patagonia, Argentina


3 responses to “Patagonia

  1. Well Dennstedt, I’d buy this in the card format in a flash. Don’t know how I compare to J.Q.Public but if my feedback counts I’m “IN”.

    If you pass that way again in a different season; I’d buy a card set of two or three different views of the same farm house as the seasons come and go…….the winter bare trees would be green and the vineyard (or whatever) would be green too.

    Just a thought, perhaps with more color in the picture the farmhouse would not stand out as much….I wouldn’t call it a simple farm house, it looks like a mega house but simple in design if not function. ~~dru~~

    • As you describe it that would make a great series indeed. Unfortunately, the way I’m travelling pretty much precludes the possibility. You almost have to live in a location, or visit frequently, to capture moments that span long periods of time (like seasons). But I love the concept. You’re right, the house is very large (probably a large family) but I imagine simple when compared to what we expect in the United States.

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