New Artwork Added and Now Available for Sale


Red Farm House (Cick on Image) was recently photographed in middle Patagonia, Argentina (El Bolson – Rio Negro). This is a family-owned farm with fruit trees and vineyards, both now laying dormant during the cold winter months. This small farm is nestled in a bucolic valley at the foot of the Andes Mountains (the world’s second highest mountain range). The day was cold and blustery, and I drove through pouring rain, blowing snow and subfreezing temperatures before finally reaching this beautiful location.

Although the house is large, it is simple when compared to homes in the United States, and most homes in the area are still heated with wood burning fireplaces. The first immigrants to this area (Patagonia) were Swiss and Dutch, followed by Germans and even Welshmen. Spain and Italy also provided immigrants to Argentina, many escaping war and hardship in their own countries and looking for a better way of life. World class beef, sausages, chocolate, beer and wine can all be enjoyed in Argentina


As a valued customer this image can be purchased using your monthly private VIP Patron of the Arts discount code. If you’re not currently enrolled in the VIP Program click on these links to learn more. Remember, you have to be a free newsletter subscriber to take advantage of this program. This peaceful image would look good hanging in your home or office matted & framed as pictured above or even as a painter’s canvas print. In a more contemporary setting you might consider an acrylic or metal print.


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, Traveller

Patagonia, Argentina


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