Cinereous Harrier (Circus Cinereus)


Cinereous Harrier

(Circus cinereus)

1/640s @ f/7 ISO 100 @ 400mm

There is a magnificent nature reserve just fifteen minutes walking distance from my hostel called Laguna Nimez Nature Reserve on the shores of Lago Argentino. Admission is 150 pesos ($9.90 usd). The good news is that it’s a onetime fee and I plan on visiting it everyday I have remaining which effectively drops the price to $1.65 usd per day.


Cinereous Harrier

(Circus cinereus)

1/1600s @ f/6.3 ISO 200 @ 400mm 

The Cinereous Harrier is a South American bird of prey of the Harrier family. Its breeding range extends from Tierra del Fuego through Argentina and Chile to Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and southern Brazil; and across the Andes north to Colombia. Its blue/grey plumage and bright yellow eyes are both distinctive and beautiful.


Cinereous Harrier

(Circus cinereus)

1/1600s @ f/6.3 ISO 200 @ 400mm

The reserve is primarily marshy wetland and home to a rich biodiversity of Patagonian birds and plants. The habitat is pristine and very well taken care of. There are a series of well-maintained trails and boardwalks and I saw only two other people in the reserve this morning when I was shooting. Beautiful shooting conditions all-round.


Steve Shooting in Laguna Nimez Nature Reserve

Photo Credt: Joel R. Dennstedt

Photographer’s Note: When shooting wildlife you don’t often have time to fiddle with your dials, buttons and adjustments. Therefore I use my camera’s programmable custom settings (C1, C2 and C3). I use C1 for static (still) critters and C2 for dynamic (moving) critters. C3 is setup for scenics (and rarely used). If you’re interested in my settings here they are:

C1 (Static): RAW, TV, 1/640s, Auto ISO, Single Focus Point, Neutral, Auto WB, Center-weighted Average Exposure, AF One-shot, Continuous. 

C2 (Dynamic): RAW, TV, 1/1600s, Auto ISO, All Focus Points, Neutral, Auto WB, Center-weighted Average Exposure, AF AI Servo, Continuous.


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, Traveller

Southern Patagonia, Argentina



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