Is It Time to Join the Adventure?


Perito Moreno Glacier

Southern Patagonia, Argentina

Is it time to join the adventure? Only YOU can answer that question. Are you an adventurer (or wannabe adventurer), are you a Creative (Photographer, Writer, Artist or Musician), do you enjoy travel and experiencing other cultures, are you enamoured with nature, do you appreciate fine art, do you yearn for a simpler life with less stress, less money and more experiences—if you answered yes to any of those questions I invite you to join my odyssey as I circumnavigate the globe in search of life’s meaning.


I began my adventure five years ago when I left the United States to pursue a dream: to travel, experience and photograph the world around me and to share those experiences and images with like-minded people. It took me a year to extricate myself from the pop-culture that is now America and to hit the road with just a backpack and my camera gear—I was sixty-four years old. Now I live simple, I live cheap and I live free. You can too if you want to bad enough, or you can just share my travels vicariously from the comfort of your home.


The first leg of my travels began in Yucatan, Mexico and I’m now finishing up (five years later) in Argentina, South America. I spent a month in Cuba before they lifted the embargo (yeah I snuck in), photographed the wildlife in the jungles of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. I sailed the Galapagos Islands for two weeks in a small 50-foot wooden boat and immersed myself in the Amazon Rainforest in Cuyabeno, Ecuador. I’ve climbed the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, sailed Lake Titicaca and trekked the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, Traveller

I will be finishing up the Latin American part of my worldwide trek in late November and returning to Yucatan, Mexico (where it all began) for a three-month visit to see old friends before going back to San Diego, California in the United States to see family (I haven’t been back since leaving in early 2012). I expect a stay of about three months (March, April and May 2017) before travelling back to Asia to continue my adventure. Click on the provided links to visit my website at Indochine Photography or to subscribe to my free newsletter. Welcome aboard mates and get ready to set sail.



8 responses to “Is It Time to Join the Adventure?

    • Thanks Mark it was a fun read. I’ve learned most of this stuff the hard way but it was interesting to read the insights of a “Newbie” after spending time with a pro. I shared it on my FB Business Page: Indochine Photography.

  1. Man!! I just found your blog randomly and I share your philosophy too. That passion of traveling, taking pictures and shooooting the world, living free.. I do agree, less money, less stress, more adventures! life is short..there is no time to waste.. I am a mexican and Im so proud of it! Was living in Quintana Roo for 2 years and it is soooo beautiful!!! I am from Nayarit, an state located in Northwestern of Mexico, man! if you have the opportunity to go there, do it! It is such a lovely place, you will love the nature, the food, the people, the little history from there! please stay in contact about your travelling in Mexico, I could recommend you some places to visit. Now I left my country for a while, I also started my adventure with my lovely english boyfriend. So now we live in England, we were in America for a month last year, living the wild and traveller life! awesome! and we want more and more! we want to see the world!!! we love music and I do love photography. Tha’s awesome …finding people like you with that passion of travel the world. I wish you the best in your trips!! HAVE FUN FUN!!!

    • I love Mexico. I lived in Merida, Yucatan for 2-years before resuming my travels to: Cuba, Central America and South America. I’ve been back in Yucatan for a short 3-month visit before returning to the States on March 22nd. Its been 5-years since I was in the USA and I’m not really looking forward to the return trip but I have family and friends who want to see me (and I want to see them too) before I head back to Asia. I’m thrilled that you’re on the path of discovery. Thank you so much for following my adventure on this blog and maybe our paths will cross someday.

      • Yup…visiting family & friends it is an importan thing to do.. hope you enjoy being back for a while and then…take more energy to hit the road!! :p we would like to go to Asia too.. my boyfriend and I would love to go to China .well.. everywhere…jijijiji…where in Asia have you been???

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