New Artwork: Glacier Perito Moreno




Glacier Perito Moreno

(Click on Image)

Patagonia, Argentina

1/1000s @ f/8 ISO 100 @ 24mm

I photographed this stunning glacier about 80km south of El Calafate in Southern Patagonia, Argentina. The day was perfect for capturing the intense beauty of this monument to nature—the dark dramatic clouds enhanced the natural blue hues in the deep ice; in full sun the ice becomes a bright glaring uninteresting white. When huge blocks of ice sheer off from the face of the glacier it’s called calving and sounds like a thunder-clap from God as the ice splashes 60-meters into the lake below.


Printing Recommendations: This is a very high-resolution image that deserves to be printed large. My first choice would be an Acrylic Print (60 x 33.75 inches) for $680 usd. My second choice would be a Metal Print (60 x 33.75 inches) for $548 usd. My third and final choice would be a Framed Print (49.50 x 32.00 inches) for $522 usd: Image 40 x 22.50 inches; Mat Border 4.00 inches; Frame Width 0.88 inches; printed on Metallic Paper. This is a sleek “cool” print (cool as in temperature) and requires a crisp presentation format (other sizes available including Greeting Cards).


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Indochine Photography

Photographer, Writer, Traveller


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