Birds of the Laguna Nimez Nature Reserve

Female Cinereous Harrier

Female Cinereous Harrier

I’ve spent the whole week photographing the beautiful birds that inhabit the Laguna Nimez Nature Reserve (on the shores of Lago Argentino) in Southern Patagonia, Argentina. It’s only a ten minute walk each morning from my hostel  in El Calafate and the weather has been beautiful with moderate temperatures ranging 2°C/13°C (35°F/55°F). September 21st was the first day of spring and the critters are out and about (in abundance). For a wildlife photographer this reserve is nirvana. Note: Click on each image to enlarge for better viewing.



Photographer’s Field Notes: It’s rare for a wildlife photographer to get too close to their subject but it happened to me taking these photographs. The minimum focus distance (MFD) of my Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Super-telephoto prime lens is 3.5 meters (3.83 yards/11.48 feet). In more than one shooting situation I had to back myself up a little so my camera would autofocus. Many of these images have barely been cropped and they filled the frame naturally. Unless you’re shooting elephants, bears and big cats this rarely occurs. SFD


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, Traveller 

Southern Patagonia, Argentina



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