Currently in Buenos Aires

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, Traveller

I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Argentina is a BEAUTIFUL country especially Patagonia. To be truthful Buenos Aires is a bit overwhelming with its population of 14.5 million people in the greater metropolitan area. The traffic is unbelievable and rivals Los Angeles in the United States. Big cities typically are not my forte and I prefer smaller towns and cities. However, Buenos Aires is architecturally diverse (much like Mexico City) and seems to have a lot to offer.

Today I will try to book my flight out of here for the first week in December. The plan is to fly back to Yucatan, Mexico for three months before heading back to the States for a short visit. I saw a travel agency during my walkabout on Saturday so I’m going to see if they can beat the online booking prices I see listed (it’s worth a try). It’s pretty warm here in Buenos Aires and it’s a nice change from the cold weather I experienced in Southern Patagonia.

I still have two other travel destinations in Argentina, Cordoba and Iguazu Falls, but I want to get my plane ticket confirmed before leaving Buenos Aires. The plan is to visit these other two spots and then return to Buenos Aires for departure. I will probably fly to Cancun and then take a bus to Merida as it seems to be the less expensive option. I might even take the opportunity revisit Isla Mujeres and/or Tulum on the way back to Merida.

If all goes according to plan I will be back in the States about the first week of March. It will have been five years since I left and I have some trepidation about returning. I’m very excited about visiting my family and good friends but I have no real wish to return to the pop culture and political turmoil that is now the USA. My stay is open-ended at this point but three months sounds about right—then it’s off to the other side of the world. Latin America has been GREAT.

5 responses to “Currently in Buenos Aires

    • John, I’ve already seen WAY TOO MUCH of it on social media and have lost a number of longtime friends over the divide. For the record I refuse to vote for either one of them, and I’m becoming more and more embarrassed to call myself an American. The USA is no longer the country I grew up in and called home.

    • I leave Thursday evening for the 17-hour bus ride to Puerto Iguazu and Iguazu Falls (on the border with Brazil). I plan to stay there for a month and then return to Buenos Aires for my flight back to Yucatan, Mexico on 08 December. I should be able to get back into the jungle (rainforest) in Iguazu to photograph the wildlife and they also have a wildlife refuge (rescue center) and a hummingbird and butterfly center . . . should be some photo ops there.

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