Once Again a Political Rant


Stephen F. Dennstedt

This is a political rant offered up on the eve of the Presidential election (November 8th) in the United States (my country of birth). I suggest you totally disregard this rant and move to something more positive, but if you choose to ignore my advice then know this: This rant is for me and nobody else and will probably alienate what few friends I have left. I get that. But if I don’t vent this anger I will surely explode. I have not seen my country this divided since the war in Vietnam (and looking back I was on the wrong side of that divide).

I’m old, crotchety and totally pissed off. My innate skepticism has finally evolved into an overriding and all-encompassing cynicism. And it depresses me. We, the American people, are totally fucked and we did it to ourselves. And I freely admit that I was part of the problem and probably still am. So be it. I made the conscious decision five years ago to disconnect—and I did. I don’t regret that decision.

I’ve been labeled with every derogatory name in the book for my decision and have lost many so-called friends (and even family) over it. Once again, so be it. I cannot prevent what’s happening to my country but I’ll be damned if I will knowingly contribute to its demise. This is a personal (moral) decision based on a lifetime of experience, study and introspection. It’s my decision and I am ready and willing to take complete responsibility for it. Trump and Clinton are merely the symptomatic expression of the underlying cancer that pervades the USA (and indeed the world).

I loudly proclaimed, over a year ago, that I would abdicate my voting responsibility (as an American citizen) if a viable third-party candidate couldn’t be found (viable is the operative word). I won’t be forced to take part in a system where I have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Make no mistake about it, both Trump and Clinton are Zebras of a different stripe but Zebras nonetheless (sorry to cast aspersions on the poor Zebra). Both will do our country great harm and have already demonstrated a willingness to do so.

To do anything less would be to violate my own moral and ethical code and sense of justice. And I’ve reached an age where I am unwilling to compromise what little integrity I have left. Call me what you will and feel free to un-friend (or un-follow) me on Facebook (I’ve done it to many of my former friends and will probably continue to do so as the need arises). That my country has fallen into a racist, bigoted, xenophobic dark miasma that has divided both families and friendships saddens me no end. I have never subscribed to the saying: My country right or wrong.


4 responses to “Once Again a Political Rant

  1. I too feel about the same as you do. My wife and I are visiting friends and family in Korea. She has been thinking about moving back here for a wild (don’t know if that is the correct spelling), and I was always not so sure about the idea, but on this trip and the way that our country is heading, maybe she is right. We just might be planning a move are selfies.

    • Joe, I’ve been living (and travelling) abroad for almost five years and really enjoying it. It isn’t perfect but then things seldom are. Each country has its own set of problems but as a visitor I’m not involved. I love Asia and will be returning there soon. Take care my friend. 🙂

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