Some Reasons I Chose Canon Over Nikon

This is not a Nikon bashing post or video. That said, this video does go a long way towards explaining some of the reasons I chose Canon over Nikon when I switched from film to digital in 2009. I shot with the original 35mm Nikon F for years and years and LOVED it (as well as Leica and Rolleiflex). When I switched to Canon they arguably had better sensors, better color rendition, better auto-White Balance, an amazing choice of lenses and they could even shoot great video. Since that time Nikon and Sony have surpassed Canon (at least for now) relative to the sensor war. The new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV full-frame camera has pretty much closed the gap (though not completely) but the edge still goes to Nikon and Sony. However, I think this young man makes a good case when it comes to color rendition, auto-WB and lens selection. I’ve got so much money invested in Canon L-glass it would make absolutely no sense, whatsoever, for me to switch to Nikon or Sony at this point. If you’re a Nikon or Sony shooter be happy, I just thought this video was interesting and worth sharing (it’s certainly not intended to make you dissatisfied with your camera/lens choices).



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