Introducing a Great Photographer and New Friend


Stephen F. Dennstedt

One of the great things about social media is meeting new friends with similar interests. I was recently added to a photography group on Facebook and have met lots of new and interesting people there—many are exceptional photographers. John DaSilva is just such a person—he lives in Rhode Island (way too cold for this guy) and is an avid outdoorsman (along with his wife Lori). He only took up photography seriously four short years ago, but many of his images are absolutely stunning. He and his wife canoe, hike and camp in the wilderness no matter the season, and he documents everything with his camera. Take a few relaxing moments to meet my new friend John DaSilva and his wife Lori and view his beautiful imagery both in video and stills (video shared with permission).


John DaSilva and His Lovely Wife Lori



5 responses to “Introducing a Great Photographer and New Friend

    • Thanks Tim, I thought so too. John is only four years into his “serious” photography but I am really impressed. He has some real talent, and of course the country he his photographing is gorgeous. He and his wife Lori really get out and experience the wilderness firsthand, and you have to admire that. Thanks for watching.

  1. I am so happy to see John recognized for the way he captured the spirit of the wilderness. We had many adventures together and my late husband, Bear, goes with John and Lori whenever they go back to the north country. This was his favorite quite about the experience:
    “Tent Dwellers” by Paine- “…if you are willing to get wet and stay wet – to get cold and stay cold – to be bruised, and scuffed, and bitten – to be hungry and thirsty, and to have your muscles strained and sore from unusual taxation: if you will welcome all these things, not once, but many times, for the sake of moments of pure triumph and that larger luxury which comes with the comfort of the camp and the conquest of the wilderness, then go!

    The wilderness will welcome you, and teach you, and take you to its heart. And you will find your own soul there; and the discovery will be worth while!”

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. John is a new friend (through a photography group we both belong to) and we seem to have a lot in common. I really like his photography and absolutely loved the video.

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