My War: Vietnam 1967-1968

The End by The Doors is the perfect music for the carnage that was Vietnam. I’ve posted this before but it’s worth a repeat. To all Vietnam veterans and especially my Marine Corps comrades in arms this is for you. To absent friends. Warning: Video contains very graphic footage but it was our reality. SFD


6 responses to “My War: Vietnam 1967-1968

  1. You are right about the song (the End), as the other all “NAM” experience, but the song that for me is the Animals (we got to get out of this place) because that line is how we all felt. US Army9 Chi lai 1967-1968.

  2. I know what a tough time that was. My brother was in the USMC during Viet Nam. I also had a cousin that was a Marine that was killed and another wounded. When I visited the Memorial Wall in Washington, I was amazed by the reverence and the palpable sadness among the people visiting it. I found my cousin’s name on the wall and sent a photo to my brother. He told me it hit him like a brick wall as he remembered finding out he had lost his life. It was a shameful time for the way our military personnel were treated on their return and I hope that never happens again when and if our government puts them in harm’s way in a place they don’t belong.

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