Arrived in the Small Fishing Village of Celestun


Stephen F. Dennstedt

We just arrived in one of our favorite places: Celestun, Yucatan. Celestun is a small coastal fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico. This will be our fourth visit to this quaint little town. The last time we were here we rode our scooters from Merida—it takes about 1 ½ hours from Merida. This time we took the ADO bus for 70 pesos ($3.24 usd). At 2-Stars our small local hotel is very, very clean and tidy. The room is large with two double beds and comes complete with hot water (not always a given in Mexico), air-conditioning, TV and free in-room WiFi.

The beach is less than 2-minutes away and the town’s local eateries are within a very short walking distance. local fare includes: ceviche, shrimp, fish, langostino tails, tacos and more. The beer is cold and the temperatures warm (85°F to 95°F). The Tradewinds are blowing, the surf is gently lapping the shoreline and life is good. We’ll be here for a week soaking in the sunshine, smoking our Cuban PUNCH cigars and drinking our beer. We’ll probably visit the nature reserve at Ria Celestun once or twice and I will include photos later on. Right now I feel a real need to go into town to eat, drink and be merry.


Celestun, Yucatan, Mexico

4 responses to “Arrived in the Small Fishing Village of Celestun

  1. Sounds like you’ve – again – found Paradise. Enjoy your week of R&R. Next time we’re in the Yucatan, Celestun will be a “must” side trip for us too since you and Joel choose this small town as your getaway place!

      • I’m all about the food with a nice glass of wine! Senor Lincoln would be enjoying Cerveza! Wherever the two of you travel, you find amazing points of interests and good restaurants … continue your enjoyments!

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