Stuff That Annoys Wildlife Photographers


Stephen F. Dennstedt

In these troubled times we need more laughter, here is some much-needed comic relief for you. This short video, from my friends Tony and Chelsea Northrup, at Northrup Photo will crack you up—guaranteed. They are a husband & wife team, professional photographers and YouTube personalities. Their channel has over 600,000 subscribers and they offer great content to photographers all over the world at all skill levels. Chelsea is a natural ham-bone and Tony is the perfect straight-man. Writing articles for Northrup Photo I have received financial compensation from them but I’m sharing this just to make you laugh.

If you read this blog, or know me personally, you should know that I’m primarily a wildlife photographer. I also enjoy nature-scenic photography as well as travel and street photography. As such I often carry a lot of big expensive gear around with me that invites lots of questions from total strangers. Watching this video just visualize that I am Tony and Chelsea represents the total strangers I meet and interact with. When I watch this video over & over it helps me to see the humor in these otherwise annoying encounters—these kinds of things actually happen. Just ask any photographer who goes out in public sporting anything other than an iPhone. If you’re that person you will really enjoy this video. LAUGH and enjoy.



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