The “White City” of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


Stephen F. Dennstedt

In my last post I mentioned that I was suffering in the small fishing village of Celestun. Celestun is on the Gulf of Mexico and is a great little hideaway. Only a short 1½ ride from Merida by local bus for about 70 Mexican pesos ($3.27 usd). If you missed that post here is a link to it. I will be leaving on Friday for Merida after spending a delightful week basking in the sun, the warm 85°F temperatures, the balmy sea breezes of the Trade Winds and enjoying good (cheap) seafood, ice-cold beer and Cuban PUNCH cigars. Did I mention the walks on the beach and sunsets?

I originally arrived in Merida five years ago after escaping my ” . . . my life of quiet desperation” in the United States. I was recently divorced, a bankrupt, had lost my home to foreclosure and was sixty-four years old. I couldn’t speak Spanish and everything I owned was in my rucksack. I wanted to pursue my photography and writing professionally and I wanted to travel. Shortly after I arrived The Yucatan Times newspaper approached me to be their staff photographer and I also became the official photographer for the Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve and Puuc Jaguar Conservation.

The original plan was to stay in Merida for six to eight months and then move on; two and half years later I finally got on the road again: trekking through Cuba, Central America and South America. After another two and half years I find myself back in Merida for three months before returning to the United States for a short visit after a five-year absence. Merida saved my life and my soul and she will always be a second home to me. I am physically, mentally, emotionally and financially healthy again. Check out the video for a short introduction to my beloved city of Merida.

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