A Cathartic Political Rant

10818461_773035652751372_1347896965935995175_oBe forewarned this is a political rant. Writing is a cathartic exercise for me and allows me to slay my personal demons. The demons of which I speak are often imaginary but also, way too often, physically manifest themselves in life. This blog is cheap therapy, rather than pay a “shrink” hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to listen to me I just puke up my thoughts on the written page (sorry for that).

When people ask what my blog is about I usually say: it’s about photography, writing, travelling and lifestyle—and it is. But I always add the caveat that I will occasionally toss in a rant when my frustration or anger reaches critical mass. Thus the first sentence: Be forewarned this is a political rant. So I am preparing my readership for a rant and even telling them the subject of my rant.

So if you’ve had enough of politics (and who hasn’t) and people pontificating on the subject, then by all means go no further and ignore this post. I will not think less of you for doing so and I will probably think more of you for having good sense. If you’ve followed this blog, or know me personally, you know my political orientation—fiscal Conservative and social Liberal (Progressive). Many would label me Libertarian (but I’m not sure about that). Capital first letter on all of those names, terms, labels and judgements.

For the record I did not vote for Donald C. Trump. Also for the record I did not vote for Hillary R. Clinton. The choice we (the American people) had in this election cycle was untenable. But let’s be clear about one thing: it was not the candidates fault—the responsibility for these two walking-talking catastrophes falls squarely on the shoulders of us, the electorate. We the people allowed this to happen and we are left with the choice of either fixing it or succumbing to it. I don’t think our country has faced such a dire internal threat since the American Civil War.

Looking at either candidate was simply gazing on a reflection of ourselves. Whether we’ve polarized to the left or to the right makes no difference. Extreme points of view on either side are rarely productive in a positive way. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton reflect the worst in us in my ever so humble opinion. This happenstance didn’t occur overnight, its been a long time coming. And now it’s here. Ignorance, bigotry, racism, fear and intolerance is becoming the new law of the land. The United States and the American people are better than that—or are we?

He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

German Philosopher

The above quote by German Philosopher Friedrich W. Nietzsche is packed with meaning. It might be well to take the  time to plumb its depths. I’m rather proud of the those who follow my blog because you seem to share a love of intellect not often found on social media. It has nothing to do with the blog itself but everything to do with you who are attracted to it. Whether your political views lean more to the left or the right I think it’s time to ask ourselves (collectively): what do we want to stand for as a country, a people and as individuals? The world is waiting for our answer.


14 responses to “A Cathartic Political Rant

  1. For what it’s worth, I think you have expressed the dismay, disappointment and fear that many Americans are feeling right now. In 2020 we will hopefully have some choices that are actually palatable. In 2016 I kept waiting for the “real” candidates to appear, and apparently they did. Thank you for your post.

    • Thank you for not taking offence Joan. Maybe we as a country and a people had to reach this point to reassess our values. I think our democracy faces a serious crisis but I will try to stay optimistic.

  2. Stephen, you always give food for thought. Much of which you write makes one look into ourselves and what we stand for. Keep ranting as most of us can relate to it, albeit not necessarily on your point of view but at least you help make us think a bit more. Love your work, and let me know when you venture back into Asia please…John and Ai…

    • Thank you John. We would LOVE to meet you and Ai when we get back over there. And from Asia Australia is MUCH closer . . . would love to see Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. 🙂

  3. I don’t see the post as a rant. These days a rant is something a bit more ‘over the top’ and a lot less coherent. You pointed out that we should all take a good look at ourselves and stop the blame game. Otherwise, no progress, just more of the same old song every four years.

  4. Like you, I supported neither candidate. I’m hoping that this ridiculous presidency is a wake-up call for Americans that can be answered before too much damage is done. The bad news is, if we get rid of President tRump before 2020, we end up with President Pence or President Ryan. None of these are great choices. Hopefully our checks and balances still work and we can muddle through until 2020 when some great candidate will emerge. It could happen….right?

    • I hope so Don. I think we, the American people, had to reach this point and look into the abyss to fully realize our democracy is not guaranteed. We have to diligently protect it and that takes work and involvement.

  5. Hey Mr. Dennstedt!! I personally didn’t vote for Clinton nor Trump myself. I’m also “Libertarian-ish “. By the way I enjoyed your political ranting.

  6. As a Canadian I am not directly affected by the political drama taking place south of the border, but I do share many of your sentiments, which can also be applied to what is happening in our own government at a provincial and federal level.

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