Photography 101: Do You Need Inspiration to Just Do It?


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Just do it. This post is about photographers and one photographer (James Barkman) in particular. But it could apply just as easily to any Creative (those of us born to create—something, anything, everything). Even though you might not be a photographer (maybe you’re a writer, painter, dancer or even an actor) you probably have a passion (or a dream).

This short video is about following your heart and indulging your passion. It’s about living the life you were created to live. Don’t be one of Thoreau’s ” . . . mass of men lead[ing] lives of quiet desperation.”  Maybe you won’t tool around the country in an old VW van and dirt bike like James but I suspect there is something you want to do before the Grim Reaper comes knocking on your door. 

I know there was for me. And after spending a lifetime in military, corporate and domestic harness I broke free of my life to pursue my dream (my passion). I write about my adventure all the time on this blog (plenty of stuff in the archives). Suffice it to say I broke free at the age of 64 (I will be 70 in May) to become a full-time photographer, writer and world traveller. I’ve been at it for six years and rarely (if ever) look back. I certainly have no regrets about my decision. If you need a little inspiration to kick you in the ass watch this short video.

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