What is the Key to Happiness?

I came across this in a FB memory and thought it was worth sharing again.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

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Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Currently in South America

What is the key to happiness?  I suppose it’s different for everyone.  I’m not even sure its the question that should be asked; happy automatically implies its reciprocal, unhappy.  So maybe a more subtle question would be: what is the key to contentment?  In the movie City Slickers, with Billy Crystal, the old cowboy Curly (played by Jack Palance) says (holding up one finger):  Life is about just one thing.  Crystal’s character naturally asks:  What’s the one thing?  Curly smiles a knowing smile and says:  That’s for you to find out.

That question haunted me for years, until I found the answer for myself.  Perspective.  Life is about perspective.  With perspective, the ability to put one’s life into a meaningful context, comes wisdom (or what we like to think of as wisdom).  Wisdom, I think…

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2 responses to “What is the Key to Happiness?

  1. Steve:
    Jay LaSalle writing you say that I am enjoying your Photo blogs and that if you ever visit South Florida, the Keys or the Glades please contact me so we can get together.
    Secondly, Steve, I am seriously trying, with little success to reach any of my fellow Marines from VMFA-314 who were at Chu Lai on Jan 31, 1968 during the attack. The VA is questioning my actions and injuries that morning even though I was nominated for the Bronze Star by Major Gerry Walsh. Semper fi

    • The VA in my opinion is a lost cause. An exercise in futility. I gave up in frustration (which is what I think they want veterans to do) and just said to hell with it. Somewhere in the unit’s archives (S-1 Unit Diary) there should be mention of your recommendation and if you were treated for injuries at Chu Lai your medical records should indicate that. Of course all of that information is stored in large warehouses at the document retention center and is probably a bitch to retrieve (it’s where they keep your original DD-214). I also understand that they had a large fire there years ago and that many records were lost. Good luck with your efforts Jay.

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