Political Unrest at Home Sows Unrest Around the World


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Political Unrest at Home Sows Unrest Around the World. And I find this trend disturbing to say the least. Since my adventure began six years ago (five of which have been outside of the USA) I’ve met many people who have become friends. In some cases very good friends. The United States has held the unique position of being the world’s most powerful superpower for a long time.

That distinction brings with it a lot of baggage—namely a profound sense of global responsibility. Whether your political leanings are to the left or to the right, whether you’re pro-Trump or anti-Trump, you should be concerned. I can personally guarantee you that anti-American sentiment is on the rise. As an easily identified American I am increasingly approached and asked: what the hell is going on.

I have witnessed friends of mine bickering on my FB feed. These friends come from distant lands: India, Nepal, Philippines, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Argentina and Mexico. And each day I hear from more and more concerned people from around the world. Everyday more allies are being insulted, bullied and alienated. When mom & dad fight the kids get scared: as goes families so goes the world. When looking at the USA other countries see a dysfunctional government and it scares them.

I am reporting firsthand what I see and hear. Its been proven that isolationism does not work, whether it’s economic or physical. I lived through the Cold War (as did many of you)—do we really want to revisit that doom & gloom era again? I know I don’t. Tough rhetoric appeals to the average American (it’s our heritage) but it’s unsettling to our neighbours around the world. Screw the rest of the world is not a sane response. Ruling by Twitter is not governance—it’s Reality TV. The world expects more from the United States and frankly so do I.

The Democrats and Republicans better find a way to work together. Congress better get its shit together and fast. Our new President and his Cabinet owes it to the American people, and to the world at large, to start behaving responsibly and not like the Keystone Cops. We will either step to the brink and peer into the abyss or we will reach a tipping point and fall into the abyss. There is plenty of precedent: Athens, Rome, China, the Soviet Union, Germany and France to name but a few. Each had their day in the sun. Democracy is not guaranteed.

Patriotism is a slippery slope, especially when practiced by the disenfranchised (and make no mistake about it, our once vibrant American middle-class and minorities feel totally disenfranchised and neglected and have for a very long time under both parties). It is so easy for patriotism to become rabid nationalism and devolve further into fanaticism and fascism. The Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan (the original Axis of Evil) proved that beyond any doubt in World War II. When the electorate can’t see any other way a coup d’état is not only possible but probable.

6 responses to “Political Unrest at Home Sows Unrest Around the World

  1. I’m quickly finding that you need to separate love of country from the idiots that may be running it at the time. I once heard Walter Cronkite say that the only time America has had great presidents was during time of great crisis. He pondered whether it was better to have a mediocre president and calm times. I’m afraid we have an awful president that will necessitate a great president to deal with the crises he brings.

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