I Am Now a Freelancer for the Boston Globe


Stephen F. Dennstedt

I am now an official freelancer for the Boston Globe (well not exactly). STAT News magazine is an affiliate of the Boston Globe and as such falls under their corporate umbrella. The photo shoot I was hired for went well and the Senior Photo Editor added me to their approved freelancer registry for possible future photo assignments. Newspapers, magazines and other publications rarely have permanent full-time staff anymore.

They operate with skeleton crews of administrative personnel, and producers of content (articles, photos and design) are hired as freelancers and contracted for specific assignments. There are pluses and minuses to this business model of course. STAT News is a medical publication so all of their articles deal with medical issues around the globe—and I’m a global wanderer. So hopefully more assignments will come my way: they are extremely professional, pay well and on time.

Editorial (photojournalistic) photography is not my favorite genre but it puts food on the table and helps with the travel budget. Plus many of the assignments are interesting, pay well and I always have the option to decline if I want. The editor was somewhat intrigued that I am a roving international photographer and not confined to one specific locale or home base. She was also interested in the fact that I will be travelling back to Asia after a short visit to the USA. Hopefully a few good gigs will come my way while I continue my travels abroad and I’m still a registered freelancer (with press credentials) with my old newspaper The Yucatan Times.


Roberto Mejides, M.D.

Here is a link to my recent photo assignment for STAT News: The Cuban Hustle. I did not write the article, I was only hired to provide editorial shots to illustrate the article. As a hired gun I had no say in what images were ultimately selected (that is almost always the case in photojournalism) that was left to the Senior Photo Editor. For instance I would have chosen the photo above for inclusion (and they did not) but they did include my favorite photo below of Dr. Mejides showing me pictures of his family back in Cuba—I thought both photos captured the essence of the man and told a story. The article is interesting too and worth a moment of your time.


Roberto Mejides, M.D.

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