Travel 101: Meet the Brothers Dennstedt (Los Hermanos)


Stephen F. Dennstedt

You might well ask: who the hell are the Dennstedt brothers? If you’ve followed this blog for any time at all you know the answer to that question but I also have a lot of new followers who might not know there is a brother. When writing this blog I usually talk about me and when I post on social media it’s often about we.

In a nutshell we’re a couple of old farts who left the USA in early 2012 to travel the world and see the sights and we’ve been on the road ever since. Joel is the writer and I’m the photographer (who also writes on this blog and publishes a photography-related article here and there). While trekking around the world we live out of our backpacks and embrace simplicity.

Today’s world is complex, overwrought with technology and full of fear (especially in the USA). That’s what we wanted to leave behind, so we did. We’re not YouTube personalities so unless you are a family member or a friend you probably haven’t met us face-to-face (which might be a blessing for you). I suppose we can be rather opinionated at times and in my case I can even be obnoxious (funny but obnoxious).

Joel R. Dennstedt

Joel R. Dennstedt

People, upon meeting us, often ask if we’re twins. We are not. There are 2½-years separating us and I’m the older of the two (I will be 70 in May). I guess in some ways we look alike (though I’m not sure I see it) and our personalities and talents are different. We’ve always been close and tend to complement (with an e) one another; we rarely compliment (with an i) each other—at least not in public. For the most part we think alike on the big issues although our brains work on entirely different operating systems. We travel well together.

I’ve included a 2015 video of us that was filmed in Matapalo Samaara, Costa Rica by our good friend Francisco Guerrero (photographer, videographer, drone photographer, photojournalist and political activist). It is long at almost 1½-hours and is raw unedited footage that was going to be used in a documentary (about us of all things). Unfortunately scheduling didn’t allow for the followup sessions and we had to leave Costa Rica before the project could be completed. I guess it just wasn’t time for our moment in the spotlight and our shot at fame. Such is life.

Joel and I lead pretty interesting lives, especially for guys of our advanced years, and I thought you might be interested in getting a rare glimpse into the world of a couple of full-time world travellers living on the cheap. There is some strong language and equally strong opinions, as I mentioned earlier this is raw unedited footage so keep that in mind if you choose to watch it. Joel is in the first half and I’m in the second half beginning at 00:36:22 (or just browse and scan). I hope the message you will come away with is: it’s never too late to follow your heart in pursuit of your dreams. If we can do it almost anyone can.









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