What Are You Willing to Sacrifice to Realize Your Dreams?


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Can you answer that question? I think everyone has dreams, at least in the beginning before life happens. And life, most assuredly, does happen. I look at young Creatives today doing amazing things because they don’t realize they can’t be done. It is surprising what can be done when you don’t know any better. There is a lesson there somewhere. The old adage: ignorance is bliss?

Being a Creative and pursuing a creative career is a tough row to hoe. It’s typically a solitary pursuit and not a collaborative effort. Oh sure, you can have help along the way, but in the end it’s up to you. Life is all about give & take, giving up something to gain something. I’m not sure life was ever designed to have it all—maybe in stages but certainly not all at once.

It’s good to have priorities in life to help you decide what you need versus what you want. For the first sixty-four years I lived a life but not necessarily my life. First I was dependent on my parents, then there were the school years followed by years in military harness, domestic harness and corporate harness. As life intruded my dreams faded away to almost nothing. I wanted to be free, I wanted my time to be my own to do with what I wanted.

What is it that you want out of life? And what are you willing to sacrifice? For me I dreamed of pursuing my photography, writing and world travel full-time. What I was willing to give up was financial security, material possessions and a failed marriage. What I got in return was the ability to live simple, live cheap and live free. Priorities can change, dreams can change and life can change. Life is all about change and adapting to that change. Stay flexible and roll with the punches—life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Here endeth the lesson.


9 responses to “What Are You Willing to Sacrifice to Realize Your Dreams?

  1. Steve, as I’ve followed you around Mexico, Cuba, Central and South America, I have been happy to see that you seem genuinely happy with what you are doing. Not many could do it and my hat’s off to you because of that. Keep living your dreams. I look forward to seeing you when come back to the states for a visit.

    P.S. Sue is very envious of both your pictures and camera equipment.

    Take care Roomie.

    • Thanks Gary. Is Sue pursuing her photography? It’s a GREAT way to spend your time and creative energies. We will arrive in San Diego March 22nd and anticipate a visit of at least 3 to 4 months.

  2. This is an awesome thought! I used to think that only finishing a career and after that having your own business would been the reason for your life. But let me tell you that since I met my lovely boyfriend (which is a lover of travelling as me) and i started travelling more, my mind has changed.
    I have learnt that life is short, im getting older every minute, every day, so the world is amazing and big! and is waiting for us to explore it! I am a lover of photography and writing, I want to shoot the world and write about my experiences and share with others. Create contact with locals wherever I go and see different nature. I always take my camera to my trips.. Anyways…i could say to people.. do not give up to dreams! and explore the world! spend money in experiences rather than material things.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. Photography, writing and travelling is the BEST. I am a firm believer than you can do almost anything in this world if you want to, but there is a big difference between the reality and the fantasy. I actually like the reality much better than the fantasy. I will turn 70 in May and I’m having a BLAST hanging out with you youngsters while I explore, photograph and write. My very best wishes to you. Steve

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