Wow, Growing so Dang Fast


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Wow, this blog Expat Journal is growing so dang fast. I’m averaging 3 to 5 new subscribers a day and I can’t really explain why. In fact if any of you new subscribers would like to share with me how you stumbled across this blog in the first place it would be greatly appreciated, just leave your remarks in the comment section below. Obviously the things I write about resonate with certain people: photography, writing, travelling and lifestyle—and of course the occasional rant.

I most cordially invite you to visit my photography website Indochine Photography at I also maintain a Facebook Business Page at Indochine Photography and I post photography-related content almost everyday. If you’re really brave you can friend request me at my Facebook Personal Page Stephen Dennstedt but be forewarned the content runs the gamut. I enjoy making new friends and I love talking with like-minded people about my passions and interests. Feel free to reach out to me on any of these venues or email me at: I look forward to hearing from you.


My Home Page at Indochine Photography – Monterrico Sunset, Guatemala


8 responses to “Wow, Growing so Dang Fast

  1. That is awesome! You make amazing images and you share good information so you deserve all the followers! I think I found you at the bottom of another photography blogs posts. The “More on” section I think. I am glad I did.

  2. Stephen, Your blog has appeal because of your adventurous life and the way you are able to record it both visually and through narrative. I was immediately drawn to it and love to spread the word.

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