A Local Success Story

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Kalifornia Distilleries, Inc. is a local success story. They are located in the historic town of Temecula in San Diego’s north county (about a one hour drive from downtown San Diego). It’s a family affair with Bill and son Billy heading up the operation. Father Bill is a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant with over twenty years service to his country and son Billy is a medically retired San Diego Sheriff’s deputy.

They are of Irish descent and are both Salt of the Earth human beings. The family has made Moonshine (or what Bill calls Likkor) for over 300 years—father to son down over the decades. They say (with broad grins) that they now produce legally what used to be distilled in the backwoods and sold to private parties and the notorious Speakeasy of the 1920s. Hillbillies and gangsters know the value of high-octane likkor.

Kalifornia Bourbon Whiskey

 My son Shawn worked with Billy in the Sheriff’s Department and got to know Bill through the son. We stopped by last night for a tour of their local facility (their main production plant is in Colton) and sampled the goods: clear Moonshine, an epic corn-based Bourbon Whiskey and a super smooth Vodka. Earlier I mentioned high-octane, this stuff comes in at a whopping 100 proof—but you can easily drink it neat with no dire effects—that’s how smooth it is. After I mentioned how much I enjoyed their Bourbon Whiskey (and wanted to buy a bottle) they graciously gifted me a bottle (a value of $40 USD). That’s the kind of folks they are.

An added attraction (for me at least) is their two German Shepherd guard dogs—who were both pussycats and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I absolutely love dogs (more than people) and my two favorite breeds are German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. So last night I got to drink some mighty fine Likkor and pet (to my heart’s content) two terrific dogs. Yeah, I was in heaven big time. Next time I visit (yep there will definitely be a next time) I will take my camera and snap some shots of the facility, Bill, Billy and the two pooches. Check them out by clicking on the link in the first paragraph of this post and if you’re a local plan to visit. Ask for their products in your local stores.

2 responses to “A Local Success Story

  1. Sounds like a great evening. On a side note, my oldest son Ryan just bought a German Shepard puppy today. I told him the breed was one of your favorites.

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