Travel 101: Au Revoir Pathfinder, Hello ProTrek

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Casio makes some great watches at affordable prices. I’ve written about my Pathfinder many times on this blog and its served me very well for over nine years. But alas it was reaching the end of its life—so time for a new timepiece. After much research I decided on Casio’s ProTrek, it does everything my Pathfinder did but has an analog face (rather than a digital display) which I much prefer.

My new ProTrek arrived today from Amazon and with a tear in my eye I finally retired my beloved Pathfinder. I spent a good hour programming its initial setup but it wasn’t too complicated. I have learned over the years to keep the instruction manual tucked away safely in my luggage (although in a pinch I could always do a Google or YouTube search for programming instructions).

You’re probably getting sick and tired of reading about my timekeeping habits but time is an integral part of travel. I’ve found that a good feature-rich watch is a must for full-time global travel. At minimum I use functions like: Compass, Altimeter and World Time. When I’m in a large city the compass function helps me orient my street map and when I’m in the jungle it points the way to safety. The altimeter tells me how high I am (not what you think) and the World Time function helps me transit different time zones with ease.

Click on the above images to enlarge for better viewing. I may do a followup review sometime in the future but for now I’m done talking about time. If you’re thinking about getting a travel and/or outdoor watch you might find these posts helpful: Travel 101: What Time Is It? or Travel 101: Getting Things Done. I hope that you find these product reviews helpful (and maybe even interesting). I don’t get paid for them and I’m not beholden to any brand, I just enjoy testing gear in the real world and sharing what I learn. Safe travels.



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