My Son Retires After 24 Years With the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

Shawn A. Dennstedt – Deputy Sheriff 1993 to 2017

My son officially retired from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department after twenty-four years service to his community. Am I proud? You bet. I was so glad that I was back in San Diego for a short visit after travelling abroad for the past five years. He intentionally scheduled his retirement party for April 1st (April Fool’s Day) and it lasted for eight hours. It was a privilege for me (and his Uncle Joel) to attend his celebration of a job well done and to meet his partners and many friends. These are a dedicated bunch folks and spending time with them was an honor.

What’s next for Shawn? Well, his youngest daughter turns eighteen in eighteen months and then she will be headed to College. Once she is enrolled Shawn plans to join Joel and me in our global adventure. It’s an open-end proposition but if he likes it as much as we do hopefully it will be a longterm arrangement. He shares common interests: a love of photography, writing and travel. But it will also be an opportunity for him to discover new things about himself and see how he wants to spend the second half of his life. Browse the pictures below (click to enlarge for better viewing).


7 responses to “My Son Retires After 24 Years With the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

  1. So happy that you and Joel had the opportunity to share Shawn’s retirement honor. WOW, the Dennstedt fellows are handsome men!

  2. Congratulations to your son for his service to the people of Southern California and to the nation as a whole and thank you for your service to our great country in the best invention the U.S. Navy ever came up with – The United States Marine Corps! Thanks shipmate!
    USN 1975-1997

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