Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Stephen F. Dennstedt

It’s no secret that without my glasses I’m blind as a bat. And being a full-time photographer seeing is pretty damn important. All I can say is: thank God for autofocus (and image stabilization for that matter). Modern digital camera technology has extended my shooting career for sure. Not only do I wear glasses but I’m vain enough to remove them when having my picture taken.

My wire-rimmed Stateside glasses broke when I was in Mexico (the frames not the lenses) so I got a new prescription and glasses before leaving Mexico to pursue my travels farther south. I made it as far as Honduras before my new wire-rimmed glasses broke (again the frames not the lenses). For the last 2½ years I’ve struggled with a pair of backup glasses at least 10 to 15 years old.

So today I went to the eye doctor for a new vision prescription and general eye health checkup. It was very quick and efficient and cost less than $100 USD. I have the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes but they are mild and progressing slowly. Hell, I might croak before I need actual cataract surgery. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) my right eye is about 2/10 and my left eye is about 3 or 4/10 (or I might have that reversed). Anyway, no real problem.

Tomorrow I will be ordering my new glasses online at Glasses USA and should have them in about two weeks. They have a good reputation and tons of positive reviews. I will be saving money by ordering online and I can pick the exact frames and lenses I want. I will opt for hardline bifocals this time as opposed to progressive bifocals. They will look like old man glasses but I am an old man. Anyway it will save me a little more money and I kind of like the retro look of hardline bifocals. I’ve also decided against wire-rimmed frames (because they keep breaking) and will go with plastic.

Plastic frames are lightweight and come in stylish colors. It’s about time I put a little style back in my life. I’m going all out with tortoise-shell and red frames (one of each). I was going to go with blue frames but they looked dorky with my skin color. I plan to buy a pair of prescription Julbo vintage sunglasses too. At seventy years old I figure it’s high time to express myself (an ear stud and tattoo might be next). I don’t have the hair for an old man pony tail though. The military and corporate life didn’t allow for eccentricity but I’m now free of all that and can do whatever the hell I want.


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