Notoriety and Two Job Offers: Now What?

This is an update to the original blog post . . .

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

UPDATE (04/25/17): I have officially declined both offers although they were flattering to my ego and tempting. My inner Still Small Voice kept whispering no. I’ve come to rely on that voice more and more as I get older. My remaining time is precious to me and my priorities lay elsewhere right now. Both offers have kindly left the door open if I choose to reconsider my decision. SFD

Since retiring from corporate life in 2011 I’ve really come to appreciate my freedom. My mantra is: Live Simple, Live Cheap, Live Free. I pursue my photography, writing and travel full-time and enjoy myself immensely. It is a very satisfying way to live life (at least for me). It’s hard for people (especially Creatives) to understand my hesitation when it comes to accepting job offers that involve my creative talents—I get that. And though I…

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6 responses to “Notoriety and Two Job Offers: Now What?

  1. Congratulations ,follow your heart,its the only way to live out the rest of our lives ! Love seeing your photos and reading your blogs !

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