World Trek Part II Coming Soon

Part I of the Muppet Brothers world trek came to an end in March (2017). In the five years since leaving the USA (2012) we have travelled extensively through Mexico, Cuba, Central America and finally South America (winding up in Tierra del Fuego, literally the end of the world—the last landfall before Antarctica). We’ve been back in the USA for five months (staying with my son in Murrieta, CA) and gaining back the American weight (high-calorie food and large portions). But with a five-year absence came certain cravings: real California Mexican food, hamburgers and pizza. I was about 175# upon arrival and now weigh in at 200# on the dot (holy crap).

Statler & Waldorf – The Muppet Brothers

Travelling will help with the weight and overall fitness level I’m sure. When we’re on the road we typically eat two meals a day, the small free breakfast offered at most hostels and local hotels (coffee, bread, fruit, cereal and the occasional egg) and our main meal at about 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Once we exit the USA food will again be more natural in origin (and less caloric by extension) and the portions will be reasonable for a human being (not the super-sized junk food we’ve been consuming since our return). Don’t get me wrong, its been delicious but habit-forming and not particularly healthy. It’s no wonder that obesity in the USA is at all-time highs.

Mansion on Avenida Paseo de Montejo – Yucatan, Mexico

So, where to next and for how long? For how long is dependent on a few things: mostly our health and our ability to travel (right now our health is pretty good given a few aches and pains), our budget of course and finding our final destination. We travel simple, cheap and free (as in spirit not money) so hopefully that will continue to be the case. I’m seventy so I think I have a few more years left and Joel is two and half years younger. Each place we visit is evaluated as a possible final destination, where we might settle and live when we’re just too old to travel anymore (and that day will eventually find us). My best guess, at this point in time, is another eight to ten years God willing (maybe longer).

Atacama Desert – Northern Chile

Part II of our world trek has an ambitious itinerary to be sure (and at this point is still in its planning stages). Departure from the USA should occur in late October or possibly the first week of November (subject to change of course). My son Shawn heads to La Paz, Mexico in late October for a spear fishing expedition and we’ll definitely stick around until he gets back (for one thing he’s our free Uber transportation to the airport). Will there be a Part III to our world trek? If there is to be a Part III it will probably include short jaunts from our final resting place rather than prolonged travel (I should be in my eighties by that time and probably slowing down a bit). Below is our thoughts when we leave:

USA > Iceland > Ireland > Scotland > England > Netherlands > Germany > Poland > Slovakia > Hungary > Romania > Bulgaria > Turkey > Kazakhstan > Mongolia > China > Tibet > Nepal > India > Myanmar > Laos > Thailand > Cambodia > Vietnam > Malaysia > Indonesia > Borneo > Philippines > Papua New Guinea > Australia > Tasmania > New Zealand

At a later date, if possible, I would like to find a way to get to Africa and possibly the nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. French Polynesia would also be kind of cool but there is only so much time left after all. And of course there will be places in Europe that will be missed during Part II of our trek: Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Greece would also be a great place to visit as well as Morocco in North Africa. We haven’t figured out where our final resting place will be yet, Asia or Latin America or somewhere else (that will be part of the fun, trying to figure that out—I don’t think it will be anywhere in the USA).

Shawn A. Dennstedt

A quick sidebar: My son Shawn, who recently retired from almost twenty-five years service with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, should be joining us in about a year. His youngest daughter is in her senior year of high school and once she turns eighteen and heads off to university he plans to do some travelling himself. God only knows where we will be in a year but it will be great to have him join us in our adventure (old guys like us can be a little annoying to the younger folks but he is welcome for as long as he can put up with us). Our feet are getting itchier by the day and we’re getting increasingly anxious to be on our way again. Bon voyage to the Muppet Brothers.

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  1. Let us all live vicariously through the brothers Dennstedt (and son) as they prepare for more adventures with, hopefully, more stunning pictures from this post on Stephen’s blog.

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