Marathon General Purpose Mechanical Watch Review

Stephen F. Dennstedt

This is an outstanding Mil-spec field watch: small, light, rugged, simple and reliable. This particular model comes with an automatic movement (Seiko I believe) which means there is no battery to replace and it automatically self-winds with the movement of your wrist or by manually winding the stainless steel crown. Night illumination utilises bright and long-lasting tritium tubes.

Marathon provides field watches to the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army (as well as other militaries and police forces around the world). There are no bells & whistles on this watch just rugged reliability. This is the backup travel watch to my solar-powered Casio ProTrek that does have all the bells & whistles: world time zones, compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer.

The Marathon is a little pricey at $360 USD but is Swiss made and a quality timepiece. As a full-time world trekker I need rugged gear that will last and it’s increasingly difficult to find suitable kit that can stand the rigours of world travel. When searching out reliable clothing and equipment I will often fall back on Mil-spec gear for rugged reliability. Though not particularly fashionable military gear usually holds up better than civilian gear. See video below.


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