My Son’s First Ever YouTube Video

Shawn A. Dennstedt

This is Shawn’s first YouTube video EVER and documents a portion of our recent three-week visit to Yucatan, Mexico. I’m strictly a still photographer myself but Shawn has decided to venture into video and even drone photography. It’s way too labour intensive for me (and I lack the time, interest and skill-set for it) but I am horribly addicted to YouTube and its various travel, photography and special interest Vlogs.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of his future productions and maybe someday he will even include some narration (yes he actually speaks). Shawn should be joining our (Joel and me) world trek Part II in about a year after his youngest graduates high school and heads off to university. His future videos will lend a different perspective to our travel coverage and will be a nice added feature periodically to this blog Expat Journal. Anyway, take a few moments (about 4½-minutes) out of your hectic day to sit back, relax, enjoy and dream. Well done mi hijo. Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to his new YouTube channel.

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