Lifestyle 101: How Women Destroy Love

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Abusive relationships can be a two-way street. The fashion today is to blame men for all the woes women face in their daily lives. As a man I can readily admit we are guilty of more than a few transgressions against women but (and it’s a HUGE but) women are also culpable.

The title of the video is How Women Destroy Love. I would change the title to How Women [can] Destroy Love—because, frankly, not all women do. Men are simple creatures at heart and can be easily manipulated by a savvy woman. However, simple should not automatically imply stupid.

Man-bashing has almost reached the level of sport in the USA and other (so-called) progressive countries. Men have earned some this blowback but there is more than enough blame to go around. As traditional gender roles breakdown both women and men are looking for new ways to define themselves.

I am out of the relationship business. For good. How men and women treat each other today (generally speaking) is appalling. Especially in socially enlightened (tongue-in-cheek) countries like the USA. The gender wars have raged since the 1970s and I am a wounded veteran of those wars. Enough is enough. I surrendered and fled the battlefield. I am once again a traditional male (with all his warts) and am revelling in rediscovering my maleness. I know who I am.

I no longer seek the approval of women (or a woman). I will continue to respect women, treat them with politeness and consideration. Make no mistake about it, I think abusive men are thugs and I will never condone their behaviour. But not all men are thugs (and never were). I will share with you that in my world travels over the past six years I have found well-educated, sophisticated, independent women who maintain their dignity without sacrificing their femininity—they are not from the USA.

If you’re a woman you can dismiss this video out of hand along with the author of this post (me). There is a case to be made that I am an irrelevant dinosaur who has nothing worthwhile to say. But I would suggest that I didn’t create the content of this video—it was created by a woman for women. I find her comments to be spot-on (maybe because they match what I’ve observed). I know successful couples but they are few in number. I find that sad. Like I said earlier, I am out of the relationship business. It’s now up to you. Good luck.

5 responses to “Lifestyle 101: How Women Destroy Love

  1. Well said Stephen, I hear and digest most things slowly, intently weighing and listening to another and take time to consider those persons offering their passion for a subject based on their situations and backgrounds and try to stay as a ” mugwump” if you remember what that is! I’m sure you do, knowing and liking your humor as I do. I get more satisfaction from the ability to listen and weigh, understand and offer suggestions, if asked, as I try to support their reasons for their stresses and show open a window of brighter and at least less stressful direction, for a great change of pace. How men and women treat each other today (generally speaking) is appalling. ( Stephen’s words) and I agree, finding a middle ground is not always possible or easy without emotions, enough said I am beginning to wander. Right now I could enjoy a glass of very old Scotch and a superb Cuban Cigar or a very old red wine that I miss so much because I don’t conduct wine tastings anymore and miss how the tasters seem to become more vocal and knowledgeable!, rightly so or not as we move through the selections of wine. Ha Ha!
    Well-educated, sophisticated, independent women who maintain their dignity without sacrificing their femininity—they are not from the USA.
    Tell me which country you find those women please, I could use a deserved change of pace.

    ps. Mugwump is an animal that perches on a fence, mug on one side and wump on the other choosing not to take sides or have an opinion in order to dodge the ” fracking by an unhappy person standing behind you, taking you out in anger.

    • I encountered those women mostly in Mexico, and a few have remained good friends. But things are changing the world over (thanks in great part to American influence) and not in a good way. The male/female dynamic has left me far behind. I am a dinosaur and I’m okay with that. 🙂

  2. Well it seems to me love cherish and adore should be the key words here, and all other attitudes should be left by the wayside

    • “Should” seems to be the operative word. Many things “Should” be but are all too often NOT (in my experience). How men and women “Should” treat each other is rarely how they do treat each other (again in my experience). Thank you for taking the time to comment. Always appreciated. 🙂

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