Running Some Last Minute Errands

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Dashing around and running some last-minute errands before departure. I have morphed into quite a procrastinator over the years (much to my detriment). I wasn’t always like this (well maybe a bit). Come to think of it I used to put off my school homework to the last-minute much to my mother’s chagrin.

Time of departure from San Diego to Iceland (via Seattle) is 28 November at 10 a.m. These past months have really flown by—and as mentioned before this visit has been very bittersweet. Great to spend time with my son and granddaughters and absolutely devastating to lose my eldest granddaughter to bacterial meningitis.

I have mixed emotions about leaving my son and surviving granddaughter to deal with their ongoing grief but Shawn assures me that it’s time for Joel and me to be back on the road. And if I’m being completely honest with myself I know that he is right (which he usually is). Guilt is a funny thing (ironic funny not ha-ha funny), we carry it around like a millstone whether deserved or not. A nagging doubt that if we hadn’t come back to visit after a five-year absence things would have been different. Absurd.

File Photo (Not my Photo) – Reykjavik, Iceland

My brain knows that my guilt is absurd but my heart hasn’t quite figured it out yet. I think being back on the road will help with that somewhat (at least that’s my hope). Being static (non-moving) is never good for me—depression starts to rear its ugly head if I’m in one place too long. Dynamic movement (on the go seeing and experiencing new things) is the best tonic for me—Shawn seems to understand that about his dad. The plan is for Shawn to join us on our travels in about year (depending on where we are in the world) and that’s something to look forward to.

Me With Five Layers of Clothing – San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Iceland is VERY expensive and our budget is going to take a real beating for two weeks but it has always been a bucket-list destination for me. To compound matters the U.S. Dollar is currently weak against the Icelandic Króna ($1 USD = 103.60 IK). Checking out food prices online I’ve discovered $25 USD hamburgers and $12 USD beers (small). Traditional food is just as expensive (or more) and not suited to the typical American palate (fermented shark and boiled sheep’s head). They do tout a large hotdog (not your American-style hotdog) for about $5 USD. There just might be a lot of hotdogs in our future.

Me Bundled Up for the Cold – Patagonia, Argentina

This morning Shawn chauffeured me around to the local CVS Pharmacy and a locksmith to buy a couple of locks (keyed alike) for my hard Pelican photography case. CVS was the standard pharmaceutical bureaucratic muck-up but the locksmith went great (there are only a couple of keyed padlocks that work on the 1510 Pelican case). On Thursday the four of us (Shawn, Jaimee, Joel and I) will be having Thanksgiving dinner at restaurant in Old Town Temecula. I’m hoping for a traditional turkey dinner with the works but I will settle for steak. Maybe another Mexican dinner before we leave too.

Joel in His Winter Garb – Ushuaia, Argentina

It will be time, once again, to don my five layers of winter clothing used in Patagonia, Argentina. Reykjavik has already experienced its first snowfall of the year and it promises cold weather and more snow during our two-week stay. Leaving Reykjavik we will arrive in Dublin, Ireland before Christmas and New Years and hunker down for about three weeks during the holidays (hard to travel around Christmas time). After the holidays we will continue to explore and experience Ireland, Scotland and England before crossing the channel to the Netherlands. World Trek Part II starting soon.

5 responses to “Running Some Last Minute Errands

    • It’s pretty cheap to fly there (from the USA) as opposed to other destinations and our lodging isn’t too bad (winter rates) but the food is VERY expensive. We’ll probably just hit a grocery store instead of eating in the local restaurants and cafes. Where there’s a will there is a way. I hope. 🙂 Iceland has been a personal bucket-list destination for too long to pass it up. 🙂

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