Southern California Weather Can Be Unpredictable

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Southern California weather can be unpredictable. But being a native (born & raised) of San Diego I already knew that. Much of the country is celebrating this Thanksgiving holiday with Fall-type weather but not good old San Diego. Today it is 29°C/92°F in our fair city—America’s Finest City (their slogan not mine).

From the time I was a young kid (a really, REALLY long time ago) its been that way. Some holiday seasons (Thanksgiving through Christmas & New Years) were bitterly cold, others blustery and rainy, and still others scorching hot with the Santa Ana desert winds unique to Southern California.

In six more days Joel and I will be in Reykjavik, Iceland which has already experienced its first winter snowfall. By comparison, today’s temperature in Reykjavik is -2°C/28°F with snow showers. We’re going to die—literally not figuratively. Actually, if we’re to believe Hallmark, that would be perfect holiday weather. Even as that young kid, I longed for the Christmas card version of Christmas (typically New England or England proper). Christmas in Dublin, Ireland this year. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Happy (American) Thanksgiving to All My Friends Around the World

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