Profound Apologies to Family & Friends

Stephen F. Dennstedt

In March we arrived with the best of intentions. But life, as so often happens, intervened in a most unfortunate way. We could never have foreseen the untimely passing of my beautiful nineteen year old granddaughter Lianne to bacterial meningitis. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact she is gone.

Our original plan called for us to spend three to five months back in San Diego visiting family and friends and refreshing our travel gear (photographic and personal). Three months turned into eight and we still didn’t get everything accomplished. Back on the road again Tuesday morning—first stop Iceland.

We did get to attend my son Shawn’s retirement party from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department after twenty-four years of dedicated service. And we did attend a Happy Hour (early in our stay) in my honour arranged by my good friend Marijoyce (M.J.) Keaton where I hooked-up with many friends and co-workers. After an absence of five years I wasn’t sure of my reception but it was absolutely GREAT. Thank you M.J. I love you all no matter the time and distance.

My original plan was to visit with many more of you during our visit but like I said life intervened. I am so grateful to have seen so many of you again and so disappointed to have missed the rest. I hope no one takes it personal or has hurt feelings—my intentions were to see all of you but it just didn’t work out. I don’t know if we’ll ever be back in the States again for a visit, World Trek Part II is pretty ambitious and we’re running out of time. Unfortunately, the Muppet Brothers are ageing just like the rest of you but we’re farther along on the continuum. We’ll just have to see what our remaining years have in store for us.

Lianne E. Dennstedt

6 responses to “Profound Apologies to Family & Friends

  1. Sorry we couldn’t arrange another visit before you leave again. Sue and I send our best wishes to you and Joel on you upcoming travels. We will be able to see parts of the world through your wonderful pictures and great writing. Safe passages to you both and I do hope we can get back together again if you do ever return to the States.

    Take care Roomie.

  2. It was a great treat to get to see you on this visit… I’m so thankful we have Facebook to keep in touch… I wish you nothing but the best my friend…Wishing you Safe travels, wonderful experiences and enjoyment beyond measure … Your friendship, advice and photographs are a gift to me… Love you!

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