Sun Blesses the Irish Coast This Morning

Stephen F. Dennstedt

We woke up to a gorgeous morning here in Clifden, Ireland. Bright and sunny with a temperature of 5°C/41°F and a slight breeze—no rain in sight. It rained all day yesterday so today was the perfect day for our first official walkabout.

We spent 2½ hours revelling in the sunshine and enjoying the blue skies. We followed the Owenglin River towards the sea: The Owenglin flows from a valley in the Twelve Bens, through Clifden where it meets the sea.

This was the first day, since leaving the USA, that I had to wear my sunglasses. Though the morning was brisk our walk soon warmed us up and we had to unzip our parkas to cool off a bit (its been awhile since we had to do that). The extended forecast calls for sunny or party cloudy skies until Tuesday when more rain is due. Temperatures will be holding steady so it won’t be brutally cold—not like much of the USA right now. The only people in town seem to be the locals, we haven’t run across any other travellers or tourists which is a nice change of pace from Dublin and Cork.

It’s winter here in Ireland so the sun never really gets too high in the sky. When the sun stays low on the horizon it extends the photographer’s Golden Hour, that beautiful golden light right after sunrise and right before sunset. The light was absolutely beautiful this morning and warmed up the colours nicely. Official sunrise comes at 8:54 a.m. local time although it starts getting lighter a little before that. Sunset officially occurs at 4:38 p.m. local time so you can see the days are short (about 7½ hours of daylight)—but not as short as Iceland. Enough words—here are some photos I took throughout the day.




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