Linda’s Kitchen in Belfast Northern Ireland


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Linda’s Kitchen in Belfast Northern Ireland. When I talked about this place yesterday I referred to it as Linda’s Cafe but I was wrong (so sue me). It’s a small detail but sometimes I’m a stickler for the details—ask my former employees.

Anyway, we had our second breakfast there this morning. I had the Breakfast Bap (which is basically a huge breakfast sandwich): 2-eggs, 2-sausages (again the size of American hotdogs) and 2-bacon (like slabs of ham).

All of this goodness was stuffed into a large vegetable roll for £5 GBP. It’s a mystery to me how, for the most part, the Irish stay so thin eating like this. I’m a fat American and I’m having a hard time finishing my meals. Joel opted for scrambled eggs & toast for £2.50 GBP and added 2-sausages for £0.90 GBP. A smaller meal than mine but still a plate full. It’s a short and beautiful ten-minute walk through Woodvale Park to reach Linda’s Kitchen and the air is fresh and brisk. It’s still dropping into the low 30°F range at night and early morning and more snow flurries are forecast for tomorrow.

Today’s Irish Breakfast Bap £5 GBP

If we have our appetites back by this evening we’ll probably try the Fish & Chips shop four doors down the street. They also serve fried chicken. But right now I’m not feeling it. Unfortunately, I seem to have a cold and upper respiratory infection headed my way: sore throat, congestion, tight chest and fatigue. Well its been awhile since I’ve been sick so I guess I’m due, no fever at this point so hopefully we can rule out the flu (don’t need that complication). The nice part about being retired and not having to go to work is you can just hunker down for a few days when you’re not feeling quite up to snuff.

In my corporate days that never seemed to be an option. The bank used to tell us magnanimously to stay at home if we were sick but the reality was we were always so short of staff that it was almost impossible to comply—especially for management. Flu season was a killer at the bank and would last for months (the downside of working with the public). I would no sooner get one employee back than another would be out for a week. And coming back to work too early only prolonged the illness, as a retiree I can usually shake something off with a few days of rest but back then I would feel lousy for weeks on end.

Yesterday’s Ulster Fry Breakfast for £3.50 GBP

So until I can really get out & about with my camera my blog posts might dwindle a bit—or I might go off on a philosophical rant (like I sometimes do) and inundate you with esoteric posts and trivia. You just never know what might be coming your way and quite frankly neither do I until it happens. This will be our third night in our new digs and with the exception of the internet we’re pretty pleased with things. I usually have to come downstairs into the common living room area to get a good signal but that’s okay—it gets me out of bed.

Linda’s Kitchen

Field Notes: The photos included in this article are not mine, they are internet file photos from Linda’s Kitchen Facebook page. I always like to point out when I use photos that are not mine and give proper credit when I have that information available. I typically don’t mind non-commercial use of my photos either but I do appreciate being recognized for them. Making money (commercially) from unauthorised use of photos found on the internet (mine or others) is unethical and wrong. I know that it’s sometimes tempting but don’t do it. We creative types thank you. SFD



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