The Final Verdict on Scottish Haggis

Traditional Scottish Haggis

The final verdict on Scottish haggis. I decided to bite the bullet this morning and try haggis for the first time (ever). Haggis is diced animal offal (lungs, heart and liver) mixed with oatmeal, onions, suet and various spices and then cooked in the animal’s stomach (yum). To me it tasted almost exactly like American Thanksgiving Day turkey stuffing—but maybe that’s just me. Oh well, at least I tried it. It wasn’t terrible once I stopped thinking about what it was made of and I might even have some more tomorrow morning—then again maybe I won’t. Part of travelling the world is trying new and exotic foods and haggis qualifies.

Stephen F. Dennstedt

4 responses to “The Final Verdict on Scottish Haggis

    • I couldn’t visit Scotland without trying Haggis. It’s much better than advertised believe me. Like I mentioned it tastes a lot like Thanksgiving turkey stuffing. I’ve had it a few times and prefer it over their white pudding and black pudding (which isn’t pudding at all).

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