Hotel Grampian—the Traditional Scottish Breakfast

Traditional Scottish Breakfast

It’s Sunday in Perth, Scotland. The restaurants and cafes in City Centre don’t open until late on Sunday so we decided to have breakfast at our hotel. It was pretty expensive by our standards at £10 GBP but did include coffee with free refills. The breakfast prices in town range from about £5.90 GBP to £7.90 GBP (some include coffee while others coffee is an extra). Overall food is expensive (relatively speaking) in Scotland but the meals are robust and the servings are pretty large. Pictured above: Egg, Toast, Potato Bread, Black Pudding, Haggis, Sausage, Bacon, Tomato, Mushrooms and Beans.

The Grampian Hotel – Perth, Scotland

This was exactly the breakfast we had this morning. It took me years to learn how to order fried eggs in the USA: Sunny-side Up (soft whites & yolks), Over Medium (firm whites & soft yolks) and Over Hard (hard whites & yolks). In my twenties a savvy (older than a dinosaur) waitress clued me in when I sent my Sunny-side Up eggs back because the whites were soft and runny. From that day forward I order my fried eggs Over Medium (thank you crusty old food server). In Scotland they don’t know what the hell you mean when you order your eggs Over Medium (you have to explain the result you’re looking for).

City Centre – Perth, Scotland

It’s certainly no big deal. We’ve found in our travels that each country (or region within a country) has its own unique habits or traditions of cuisine. Heck—that’s part of what makes travelling and eating abroad so much fun, trying new things and having new and different experiences. In Asia it’s the lack of dairy products like butter and cheese, in Latin America it was the lack of salt & pepper on the tables. In Scotland it’s a different way of ordering your eggs and getting served Haggis, Black Pudding and Potato (or Soda) Bread. It’s all good—and interesting and FUN. Don’t complain just go with the flow.

Stephen F. Dennstedt

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